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We undertake all types of welding including mig, tig, arc, spot and gas welding. Our welding section offers 2 dedicated fully equipped welding bays. We also have facilities for cylindrical welding.


2 Fully Equipped Welding Bays
Tig facility for aluminium & stainless steel
Welding to BS4872
Mig Welding
Arc Welding
Spot Welding
Gas - Solder - Brazing

Ancillery services such as grinding & polishing

Sheet Metal Fabrication  - Circular Welding

Stainless Steel Tig Welding

We have years of experience in the welding and finishing of stainless steel for applications such as commercial catering, medical equipment, food processing, water treatment and marine applications. Both thin gauge sheet metal and thicker plate, upto 10mm can be welded. Our highly skilled engineers have access a full range of electrodes as well as filler rods.

Aluminium Tig Welding

Tig welding is carried out on most gauges of aluminium, especially thin sheet, however, mig welding is often used for thicker heavier gauge material. We hold a wide range of filler rod and realed wire for most alloys and always ensure the correct filler is used when working with more exotic materials such as aerospace or hardend material. Where appropriate tack welding or full jigging is undertaken before full welds are made in order to ensure the highest degrees of precision.

Copper Tig Welding

Copper can be welded with either Tig or brazed.

Sheet Metal Fabrication  - Circular Welding

Welding Types

We undertake the following types of welding:

Manual Seam Welding
Fillet Welding
Groove Welding
Backing Welds
Melt Through Welds
Surfacing Welds
Flange Welds


A wide range of joints can also be undertaken:

Resistance Welding

We undertake the following types of resistance welding:

Spot Welds

Sheet Metal Fabrication  - Circular Welding

Sheet Metal Fabrication  - Circular Welding

Brazing & Soldering

Brazing can be undertaken, mainly of cast iron to either cast iron or steel. Copper and bronze can also be brazed.

Soldering of precision assemblies such as electrical connections, and simple electronic assemblies can be carried out.

Aircraft Component Lifting Jigs

Below are a number of images of aluminium lifting jigs used for aircraft parts.

Aircraft Component Lifting Jigs Aircraft Component Lifting Jigs Aircraft Component Lifting Jigs Aircraft Component Lifting Jigs

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