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Stainless steel & Glass Balustrades Aluminium Flashings

Established in 1983, PerlamSheetMetal specialise in the manufacture and production of fine limit and general sheetmetal work for the electronic, lighting, medical and associated industries as well as balustrading and flashing fabrication/installation.

We offer an extensive capacity including the latest CNC piercing & CNC folding equipment which enables us to provide a fast turnaround at competitive prices. We also undertake all types of welding as well as handling finishing requirements such as painting, plating and silk screening and onsite installation.

We offer a broad range of stainless steel and glass balustrading fabrication and installation services including general handrails etc as well as aluminium flashings.

For further information feel free to call now on 020 8669 0253 or browse our web site which contains an up to date overview of our services with examples of our work.

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